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THRIFT SHOP MACKLEMORE Parody: (One Stop) Thrift Shop - Out of the Closet

THRIFT SHOP MACKLEMORE Parody: (One Stop) Thrift Shop - Out of the Closet

Out of the Closet Thrift Shop solves your problems! Get tested, go shopping, or pick up free condoms! 96 cents of every dollar made goes directly back towards providing lifesaving care and treatment for those living with HIV/AIDS. ⬇ --- Featuring: Verne Troyer Pauley Perrette Kat Graham Anika Noni Rose Josie Loren Johnny Anastacio Elyas Gabel Mateo and Brian Nesbitt as "Grandma" Directed By: Lu Louis [] In Association With: Stay Cool Productions [] Written by: Danny Fernandez & Cottrell Guidry LYRICS What, what, what, what... [x8] Bada, bada, badadada [x8] [Hook:] I'm gonna get tested Gonna get a bunch of clothes I'm looking rockin' Reults in just a minute and I'm looking fitted This is place solves my problems [Verse 1:] Nah, walk up to this place like, Out of the Closet thrift shop I need to buy a hat, some jeans, but I have a little cough I got some indigestion and I'm a little Weezy. This dude be like, "B!#*H Go to the pharmacy." Rollin' to the pharmacy, with my two eyes I see a little mezzaine where you can get free test for HIV Only got an hour, not too much time for me to get the gear, get the test, and be back on the streets (Stressssss) But shit, it only took a minute! Prick and drawn, that was it. Can't believe its so super quick. Ready for those ladies cuz I know I'm not spreadin' it I'm picking up free condoms like ketchup, mustard condiements Savin' money, savin' lives, makes me hella happy, trick I'm a take the bigger size, better make it supersize No for real - ugh can I just get the normal one? Gotta look good and work it like a stripper Buy a pimp ass jacket, don't need it from Thriller You want some vintage Gucci, we got some vintage Gucci You want a cute skirt, that doesn't show your PU$$Y Hello, hello, these donations are killer Oprah ain't got nothing on my philantrohpy, hell no Even when I buy cream for my inflammation it helps peeps treated by "The AIDS Healthcare Foundation " [Hook x2] [Verse 2:] What you know about HIV in this department? What you know about VD? Come on use your noggin' Wrap it, protect it, its a free condom shower. Since I'm saving cash, I can now cop this protein powder. Call grandma fashion girl with the dope closet But her cataracts she can't drive to make a deposits You can call them, and they come rollin' up in a dope truck. Load up all your goods, she agrees "Thats sweet as F&%K." Your gay, your straight, put positive or negative You'll buy some treads, get tested, no shame, no undercover No questions asked, just love one another Then you tell your friends about OTC and help a brother. They be like, "Oh, that's hella tight." I'm like, "Yeah I know, I even got condoms for tonight." An hour wasthe mission, let's do some simple addition Just a minute to get tested To not do it, is just ig'nant And if you need a thing, you know they have the treatment That's right, that's right, I call that get in where you fit in Now that's crazy dope And makin' sure your friends get tested with you, gives our country hella hope Get real, millions have HIV and AIDS, yo No protection and not knowing your status, is a hella don't (It's a hella don't) Out of the Closet!!! Poppin' swag [Hook] [Bridge:] I have a clear conscience Man that's incredible I know my status, yo Got tested and bought some clothes I have a clear conscience (clear conscience) Man that's incredible (incredible) I know my status, yo (know your status, playa) Got tested and bought some clothes [Hook] --- Los Angeles based AHF is the nation's largest provider of HIV/AIDS medical care. We offer cutting-edge medicine and advocacy, regardless of ability to pay to over 500,000 people in the United States, Africa, Central America and Asia. To Learn More, visit:
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